School and Workplace exchange programme

At Fosber, we encourage local students who might like a career in engineering, by working with local schools and offering a workplace exchange programme.

We have recently undertaken a School and Workplace exchange programme with the "Fermi - Giorgi" Technical and Mechanical Institute. We set a task to the students, asking them to draw and assemble a working roll stand. But not a full size one! We asked them to create a 1:4 scaled version.

During the academic year 2017-2018, the students studied our ‘Stand M2’ roll stand in detail. From the first round of visits, we chose the best five students and asked them to take the project to the next steps. They had to study all the layouts and drawings of our ‘Stand M2’ and then, purchase all the components that would be needed, the tools and any other items they felt they would need to successfully complete the project. Interestingly, some of the mechanical components were 3D printed by the students, some items were kindly supplied by ‘Galli e Sesti’ and ‘Galli e Morelli’ free of charge.

Now in this Academic year 2018-2019, the five students are now beginning the last steps of this project - they have to assemble a 1:4 scaled version of our ‘Stand M2’ roll in our training area at Fosber’s headquarters near Lucca.

Matteo, Lorenzo, Siffedin and Diego, together with their classmate Alessia (who is the Project Manager) will spend four weeks at Fosber, during which time they will complete the programme.

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