Training service

A specialised team of trainers who positively contribute in maximising production output as well optimising the long-term running of the machine.
Fosber's corrugating line is user friendly. The training service offered by Fosber allows your personnel to gain an in-depth understanding of how the machine works and how to quickly adopt and master the best production practices soon after installation.

Fosber Team provides those customers who wish to train their own personnel with a team highly qualified and experienced instructors. This team provides on-site training for both machine operators as well as maintenance personnel to optimise machine performance and maximise the corrugator efficiency over time.


Essentially Fosber offers two main types of training services:

  • Technical Training on the Equipment (operation & maintenance)
  • Technical Training on the Production Process

Technical Training on the Equipment: Qualified and experienced instructors provide on the spot training sessions for machine operators and maintenance personnel to optimise the productivity and efficiency of the corrugator line.

Technical Training on the Production Process: Specialised Fosber technicians will transfer their know-how on the production process, demonstrating how to maximise the quality of the product while at the same time minimising the input requirements. Fosber's process expert will first work hand-in-hand with the machine operators to carry out a preliminary on site evaluation of how the machine is run with particular focus on the actions taken to correct any production issues regarding board quality. During the training period all the necessary tests and trials are carried out to check all the production input parameters. A dedicated program is then implemented to minimise consumptions such as steam, starch and energy while at the same time totally focusing on quality, sustainability and efficiency.

Fosber's customer care service is at your complete availability for more information.

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