“The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings” - Albert Schweitzer


Fosber conducts its business in Italy and across the world according to its core values such as the formation of strong ethical relationships, transparency in all our activities, continuous and open dialogue with all stakeholders  and the pursuit of shared objectives to create true value and opportunities of sustainable development.

Fosber invests considerable energy and resources to establish positive relationships with its local communities with whom it forms an integral part, contributing to the development of the local area and creating new growth opportunities.

The involvement and participation of the local community and other interested regional parties is essential in order that the social initiatives promoted by Fosber can be successfully achieved.


Pursuant to:
It. Legislative Decree 8 June 2001, no. 231

Whistleblowing system: 

Fosber has chosen to implement an Integrated Management System for Health and Safety in the workplaces, the Environment and Social Responsibility, designed, documented and implemented according to the international standards ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015 ISO 9001:2015 and Regulations EMAS, SA8000:2014.

Pursuing sustainability, that is to say, to act with respect for the environment, the quality of life and, more generally, the centrality of the person, is a goal that Fosber is pursuing with increasing conviction through a process of continuous improvement, started for years.

In developing its business, Fosber intends to constantly maintain a high level of commitment regarding aspects such as ethics, the environment and safety at work, consolidating its competitiveness thanks to a responsible and correct attitude, through a continuous work of improvement, to be carried out all-round and with the dual objective of:

  • work to provide maximum benefits while minimizing the negative impacts for all the stakeholders, throughout the creation process of the value;
  • keep our level of social reputation high, that is to say, feel appreciated and esteemed for the excellence of the services we offer and for what we are.
System certification
System certification
System certification
Merit Award
Emas - Gestiona ambientale verificata

Fosber, aware of an increasingly uncertain and competitive market context, considers the following guiding values essential for achieving the objectives.

Fosber, aware of an increasingly uncertain and competitive market context, considers the following guiding values essential for achieving the objectives set out:

  • the centrality of the Customer;
  • the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes;
  • correctness and collaboration, regarding relationships interwoven with the market as well as, in the daily interactions that characterize our work environment;
  • constant commitment and innovation, because the best solution to satisfy customers is that which has not yet been invented, and therefore we have a positive attitude towards interesting initiatives, new ideas and the critical spirit of those who are aware of to constantly improve;
  • the involvement of staff, motivations and team spirit, because the multiple human and technical qualities that make up our team are a source of mutual enrichment and a key element for professional growth and the achievement of ambitious business results.

Fosber has always retained technological developments and the safety aspects of machines to be its key job security.

The adoption of an integrated management system is a guarantee of compliance with all national and international regulations regarding:

  1. work and corporate social responsibility;
  2. health, safety and well-being in the working places;
  3. environmental protection and prevention of all forms of pollution


In compliance with what is foreseen by the ISO 45001: 2018 standard norm, Fosber undertakes to:

  • ensure full compliance with current legislation and ensure the company's concrete commitment to protect workers' health and safety by favoring preventive actions regarding mitigation risks;
  • prevent injuries and damage to the health of workers, at our production sites as well as, for the activities we perform at external sites, guaranteeing the highest safety standards regardless of the regulations in force in the various countries in which we operate;
  • effectively promote the culture of safety inside of the company, even through consultation means and active participation in the identification of potential risk situations;
  • promote continuous improvement through periodic monitoring and analysis of risk situations and statistical indicators with the last, ambitious, but attainable goal of “Zero” accidents at work.


In compliance with what us foreseen by the ISO 14001: 2015, Fosber undertakes to:

  • create a product that minimizes the use of energy resources while maintaining a very high degree of efficiency throughout its life cycle;
  • evaluate the technical solutions of the “avant-garde” aimed to increase the useful life of the product and optimizing the use of natural resources through energy efficiency projects;
  • favoring the acquisition of "green products" and the choice of suppliers that show clear attention to environmental protection;
  • increase the number of low environmental impact cars used;
  • inform, train and update the entire staff regarding the environmental effects deriving from the carrying out of their activities involving it in an active way to achieve the environmental objectives
  • evaluate the implications that the opening up to new markets can involve, in terms of the environment, as well as, in relation to the sensitivity of the new territorial contexts, and in a broader logic of corporate social responsibility.


In compliance with what is foreseen by the SA 8000: 2014 standard, Fosber undertakes to:

  • do not use or support child labor;
  • not to use or support forced and compulsory labor;
  • respect the right of the entire staff to freely join chosen trade union organizations;
  • not to implement or support any kind of discriminatory forms;
  • respect the current laws and signed collective agreements regarding to the working hours;
  • provide salaries and contributions in accordance with the provisions of current legislation and collective contracting, guaranteeing a suitable standard of living to the entire staff.


Fosber undertakes to spread the key principles of management systems, to which it voluntarily adheres also to suppliers, sub-contractors and sub-suppliers, preferring those that demonstrate the will and the ability to respect them Fosber also undertakes to ensure the availability of economic resources and professional skills that, fully supported by the Company Management, disclose and maintain the company policy by providing periodically: data, information on the results and progress achieved by carrying out a transparent and constructive dialogue with all the stakeholders.

This document shall be communicated to employees, customers, and suppliers and made public on the company’s website for the consultation of all the interested parties.

Fosber SpA identifies its company mission as the pursuit of complete satisfaction of the needs and expectations of all parties involved in its activities.

Interested partiesRelevant needs and expectations
ClientsHigh quality and professional standards - Competence and assistance during the entire service life of the product - Competitive prices
Owners and ShareholdersLong-term profitability - Transparency
BanksEconomic reliability - Transparency 
EmployeesTranquil and stimulating workplace - Employment stability - Professional recognition and gratification
Contractors and PartnersMutually beneficial collaborations - Continuous relations
Local communityEmployment advantages for the territory and related industries - Environmental protection - Ethical conduct - Compliance with mandatory requirements

The primary objective of Fosber SpA is to supply products of excellence in all its divisions, committing not only to satisfying, but also foreseeing and exceeding the requirements of the strictest international regulations in its fields of application, in an increasingly demanding and global market.

It is management’s belief that an essential tool in the strive for excellence is the adoption and maintenance of a Quality Management System that complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards, which is streamlined, efficient and respected by all workers, who recognise the benefits for the entire Organisation.

In order to achieve this objective, Fosber SpA is committed to:

  • producing machinery characterised by the highest performance characteristics, reliability, technology and innovative design;
  • achieving complete Client satisfaction by offering the highest quality products, continuous technical support and demonstrating flexibility for the purpose of establishing relationships characterised by mutual trust and cooperation during all stages of the project, pre- and post-sale;
  • paying attention to details, the optimisation and search for excellence during all stages of the production and management process;
  • controlling and optimising company processes, monitoring the causes of waste to constantly improve the performance of each single process;
  • improving the knowledge and skill of personnel, increasing the perception of the importance of their activity;
  • investing in leading-edge systems/solutions to offer new products, staying a step ahead of the competition;
  • adapting its production capacity for the purpose of maintaining highly competitive products;
  • assisting the professional growth of contractors and partners, recognised as qualified and reliable, in a process involving the sharing of innovative solutions for the purpose of generating mutual benefits;

·        adopting a process of risk analysis and management and opportunities designed to increase the satisfaction of interested parties.

Fosber Spa is committed to diffusing this Policy within its organisation, monitoring the results of the above-mentioned activities; the Policy shall also be available to Clients and the general public by way of its publication on the company website: www.fosbergroup.com

Quality is making the right decisions and creating value in every situation.