“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
Henry Ford

Our group, our values

Fosber is an international group with a constant pledge to deliver on its promises. This pledge begins with our commitment to the continuous professional development of our employees. The company devotes great time and energy to nurture the individual capabilities and aspirations of its personnel. In particular Fosber is a firm believer in the importance of providing plenty of space and scope for its people to demonstrate individual initiative and enterprise to allow each individual’s talent and creativity the opportunity to emerge. We provide extensive training courses and professional development programs so that every member of the company is in a position to carry out their individual role to the highest level.
Being part of Fosber family means working in a dynamic, professional environment that truly embraces innovation. Fosber's open, multicultural and truly international approach provides all its employees with significant opportunities to achieve excellence.
Our values

Delivering on what we promise is fundamental to the philosophy of Fosber. Our goal is to be universally recognised as a totally credible company, trusted and relied on by all.

Working in Fosber means sharing in our optimism, enthusiasm and passion for what we do.

Those who work in Fosber are forward thinking with a constant eye on the future. They are fully motivated by the spirit of continuous evolution that pervades the company. These are the reasons why Fosber is totally committed to enhancing and developing the capabilities and efficiencies of its people.

We are convinced that the contribution of each individual person is fundamental and crucial to the growth and success of the company.


We have an ambitious and demanding objective for the near future: to constantly increase our competitiveness by means of continuous research aimed at the improvement of the products and services we provide our customers.

In order to face the challenges which as a group we have set ourselves, we need to strengthen our team with capable and determined young people.


A fundamental value at Fosber is the passion for what we do. If you are interested in working at Fosber and you think you have the right skills, capabilities and motivation then send us your CV!




Our recruitment process is quite simple, consisting of interviews with people from different backgrounds and different visions of their work, followed by the notification of the selection outcome.


We are convinced of the strong tie between the value of our "Human Capital" to the performance and competiveness of the company itself. For this reason we are constantly committed to providing the people working at Fosber with additional support services, tools and many other added benefits.
Fosber is an establishment where all individuals are fully respected and judged with open objectivity. Our people are properly rewarded not only for their effective value but also on the effort they make.
The placement in the company of recently graduated university and college students, as well high school leavers, provides the structure and opportunity to define potential career paths. This means within a very brief period of time such individuals can attain a position within the company suited to the subjects they have studied as well as the career path they have chosen to follow. Every year Fosber carries out an annual review where the commitment and effectiveness of each individual in the company is attentively and impartially evaluated. Based on this review Fosber is fully committed to recognising career advancements and bonuses to further boost the motivation of our workforce and as a result the competitiveness of the company.

Training is an extremely important tool in nurturing the individual growth of our personnel. It provides them with the necessary abilities and skills to face and respond to the various professional challenges they will encounter, thus serving the needs of our business.
The training process is focused on three main activities: (a) to continuously support and nurture individual professional growth, (b) to develop the managerial skills of those employees who have been assigned with new responsibilities (c) to ensure that the professional skills and abilities of our people are always fully aligned and synchronised with any changes to the company's strategy, organisation and technological developments.
We continuously invest in training programs and courses, giving priority to those initiatives where the individual himself has identified his own growth with that of the company and is therefore committed and motivated to Investing time and energy in his own potential.


1. Do you collaborate with technical and professional institutes?
Yes, we have actually set up a convention with these Institutes which provides for guided tours of our company, the assignment of projects and the carrying out of internships. Every year our company accommodates a high number of students so that they can integrate the theory they have studied with practical experience. We offer our interns the possibility of working within our operating areas under the guidance of internal tutors. If you are interested, ask about this at your college or contact us. See the internship offers.

2. Is there the possibility for undergraduates who intend to graduate/qualify to carry out an internship with you? Yes, we believe that this is an opportunity to enter into the reality of the world of work. We regularly welcome school-leavers/graduates and suggest interesting arguments to them for their theses. We place our premises at their disposal and offer constant support. If you are interested in our proposals send us an application, otherwise send us your research project. It is interesting to know that this initiative has led to the employment of many students. See the internship offers.

3. Is it possible to carry out an apprenticeship with you following graduation?
Yes. We also operate by means of conventions with the Universities to allow recent graduates/engineers to carry out work experience which is valid and in conformity with requirements. This experience allows for the in-depth examination of arguments which have already been studied on a purely theoretical basis and to apply the subjects studied in a more concrete environment.
As set out by the regulations in force, its duration cannot exceed twelve months; all areas of the company are interested in this form of collaboration. See the internship offers..

4. Where is it possible to consult the job opportunities available at Fosber?
Our job offers can be consulted on our website in the "Careers" section where you can find online application forms.

5. How often are the job opportunities updated?
Apart from the review of the job offers with a monthly expiry date, there are positions which are practically always open due to the constant needs which characterise our business.

6. Do you collaborate with employment agencies?
Yes. We collaborate with many employment agencies in order to meet any peaks in work demand. Our data shows that employment via an employment agency represents a huge opportunity to subsequently join the Fosber family on a permanent basis.

7. Where is it possible to find information regarding the pay scales of the various positions?
Our reference contract is the C.C.N.L. (National Collective Employment Contract) for the metal and mechanical industry and plant installation which is integrated by the company contract..

8. How are recent graduates, college and school-leavers placed?
In the case of recent graduates, college and school-leavers a structured career path is set out which in a brief period of time allows for the attainment of a position suited to the level of studies carried out. Following this automatic procedure further career progressions are then commensurate with the effort and the skills of the individual. Then every year Fosber carries out an annual review where the commitment and effectiveness of each individual in the company is attentively and impartially evaluated. Based on this review Fosber is fully committed to recognising career advancements and bonuses to further boost the motivation of our workforce and so the overall competitiveness of the company.

9. Is it possible to apply even though there are no positions available?
Yes absolutely. Send us your application at any time. Your curriculum will be taken into consideration as soon as a position is available.

10. Does the company only employ persons with experience?
No, not at all. Our policy leads us to prefer persons without experience in order to be able to mature them within the company. A demonstration of this is represented by the procedure which is followed the moment from which positions of a certain level become available. In these cases we proceed towards true and proper internal selection in order to give due preference to our staff, favoring growth from within the structure.

11. Who do I send my application to?
This information can be found in the section application online.

12. Is there a deadline for the presentation of applications?
No, except in the case of particular selections to meet urgent needs, in this case the term is specified on the profile page of the researched position, which you can find from the open position section.

13. How much time should pass before I reach the conclusion that I will not be offered an interview?
It is our intention to guarantee a quick and punctual response to all those who apply. Nevertheless, if you do not receive a reply within 45 days from the date you sent your application, you should conclude that you have been unsuccessful.
Your details however will be stored in our data base which is constantly updated each time you inform us of any changes. Therefore we advise you to keep your details constantly up to date by informing us of each and any change. (Update your details).

14. On what basis are applications selected?
Our recruitment process is quite simple, consisting of interviews with people from different backgrounds and different visions of their work, followed by the notification of the selection outcome.

15. What characteristics does the ideal candidate possess
It is not easy to define them since the individual characteristics sought after vary (sometimes even substantially) from position to position. First of all, we prefer to place young people (this is our main prerogative in the selection process).

Independently of the position to be filled, in each collaborator, we also look for:

  • honesty (upright, well-balanced people who are transparent in their attitudes both with regards to internal and external relations);
  • motivation (willingness to put oneself to the test and constantly improve, people who believe in what we believe in);
  • ambition (we prefer candidates with high expectations rather than those who tend to be satisfied with what they already have);
  • flexibility (in terms of duties, hours, objectives);
  • entrepreneurial spirit (every collaborator must consider themselves an entrepreneur in their field);
  • knowledge of foreign languages (in particular English and Spanish).

Candidates who present for interview in a docile manner, those who do not believe in their abilities/qualities and above all those who do not know how to set themselves medium to long-term objectives are not well received.

16. In the event that an interview does not have a positive outcome do you inform the interviewees? Yes, always. In the event of a negative outcome the personal details obtained are inserted and kept in Fosber database. In this way the candidate in question will be taken into consideration again amongst any other applicants in the event that Fosber is searching for additional personnel with a professional role more in line with the candidate's profile.

17. Who should I refer to for ulterior clarification? If you have any queries you can send us an e-mail to the following address, or you could telephone at 0583-3891.

18. How would you define the Fosber company atmosphere? A young, informal and dynamic environment, where relationships, at all levels, are based on reciprocal transparency and honesty. Our principal characteristics are flexibility, team spirit, professionalism and the willingness to constantly change.