Fosber's corrugator is controlled by the Pro/Syncro supervisor system. Pro/Syncro can be supplied either as a pure wet-end control system, a pure dry-end control system or a total corrugator control system. Automatic wet-end features of Pro/Syncro include bridge management and calibration, synchronisation of speed and splices, partial reel label printing, roll stock management interface, roll stand monitoring, paper break detection, wet end order change as well as full displays for machine status, alarms and diagnostics. Fosber's Pro/Syncro dry-end control supervisor provides detailed production reporting, intelligent diagnostics, pallet label print-outs, and data links to the wet-end, office and scheduling networks, and materials handling control systems.

Pro/Syncro can even be further expanded to offer a fully automatic process control system.
Physically, the Pro/Syncro control system is comprised of a control panel, positioned adjacent to the other dry-end machine control panels, thus offering easy access to the operator. A certain number of client PCs with cubicle displays can be added to the main Pro/Syncro server PC Ethernet network so they can be located in any preferred area on the corrugator line. This allows the corrugator to be controlled and managed also from areas outside of the control room.

The Pro/Syncro architecture is designed with two separate networks on which all the necessary devices are connected. One network is dedicated to all the devices that enable Pro/Syncro to synchronise all the machines on the line and to monitor production progress in Real Time. The other network is for data exchange purposes that allow Pro/Syncro to interface to the various control systems present on the line such as machine/office/printer supervision controls) etc. The standard Pro/Syncro architecture can be expanded to meet the customer's requirements and to assist in facilitating various operator tasks.


Pro/Active is an closed-loop control system that automatically monitors and controls all the various settings and variables of the corrugating process, reducing waste by ensuring a proper bond and optimum quality flat board is produced.
This is achieved by measuring and monitoring temperatures and moisture levels at strategic positions long the corrugator line, and then automatically adapting the various machine and system parameters to ensure that the ideal target process settings that have been set and personalised for each individual board type quality the plant produces are met.
The Pro/Active will therefore continuously automatically set and adjust all such settings such as the variable wrap arm positions, steam pressures along the corrugator, steam showers, all glue gaps, double backer steam shoe pressure settings as well as the paper tensions in the splicers and at the bridge brake. The closed-loop control system also allows instant automatic correction of any warp detected (either by the operator or by automatically by a laser bank) in either machine or cross-machine direction system.
The simple and intuitive main operator interface page not only shows all the operator all the current settings but also allows the operator to quickly fine tune and adjust the settings for any individual quality type being run, which can then be easily saved to the database if desired.
The Pro/Record feature is a further enhancement to the Pro/Active and an extremely useful tool that collects & stores (for up to 12 months) all the historical production & process data for every single dry-end order run off the corrugator. This feature records, stores & generates graphs of all relevant data such as actual running speeds, the specific IDs of each individual paper reel actually used to run that order, as well as all the main corrugator process settings such as the steam pressures, wrap arm positions, temperature and moisture readings, starch dosages, shoe settings etc. so target settings can continuously be monitored, checked and optimised. Furthermore Record provides our customers, as well as their own subsequent customers, with a complete “provenance” of every individual packaging order produced on the dry-end over the last 12 months.
The flexibility and range of features within Pro/Syncro provide an extremely powerful toolbox that adds significantly to corrugator productivity and quality of product and standardises how corrugated board is produced across different plants within the same group. At the same time results in lower costs thanks to a reduction of waste and far fewer claims as well as less starch and steam consumption.